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One minute you're holding their hand and teaching them to walk, the next you're helping them pack and driving them to university...

It's incredible the journey they make in such a relatively short time. Wouldn't it be great to be able to freeze time with images that recapture their childhood. If nothing else, it's something to proudly display on their 21st birthday!

Whatever their age, we encourage you to bring along anything that you feel is relevant to your child's personality or that would help make them feel more at ease. For younger children a favourite toy is usually helpful, although we do have a variety of
toys at the studio. Older children may want to be photographed with their skateboard or musical instrument, every child is unique and that is what we like to capture.

Photographing children is enjoyable and fun, a child should not be pressured to perform, they are always at their best when they are allowed to be just themselves.

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